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Matthias Maute as conductor and artistic director of Ensemble Caprice

  «The performers around conductor Matthias Maute give their usual, and that is the best, to resurrect this atmosphere, and they succeed splendidly. This is particularly due to the gripping, sleek and pulsing interpretation that holds the listener in its spell from the beginning.»
Toccata – Germany
  1990 : 1st prize Bruge Early Music Competition as soloist
    1993 : Prizewinner of the »Nederlandse Impresariat »(Holland)
    2009 : JUNO Award for best classical CD : Gloria! Vivaldi's Angels
    2009 : Opus Award Concert of the Year - with Ensemble Caprice
      2009 : 1st in North American composition competition (Amsteradm Loeiki Stardust/American Recorder Society)
  «A true world of expressive gestures, colors and delicate ornaments. The pleasure of contrasting dynamics can be heard clearly.»
Klassik Heute – Germany
  2010 : Public’s Choice Award (Conseil des Arts de Montréal) - with Ensemble Caprice
    2010 : Opus Award Performer of the Year - with Ensemble Caprice
(Canada Arts Council/Conseil Québécois de la musique)
  «The ensemble has established itself as an immensely thoughtful and progressive force on the musical scene. A group that encourages the world to rehear the world…. »
New York Times – USA
  2010 : Opus Award Concert of the Year - with Ensemble Caprice
  «Matthias Maute and Ensemble Caprice gave an extremely vibrant and nuanced performance of this seminal work (the Mass in B minor by J. S. Bach). In short, we witnessed a sweeping away of the dust and cobwebs.»
Le Soleil de Québec – Canada
  « …the way in which Maute has conceived and structured these recordings makes use of Baroque symbolism to create the maximum effect. Groups like Ensemble Caprice are shedding new light on the masterpieces Vivaldi wrote.»
Early Music America Magazine – USA
  «…spiritual and intense»
The Whole Note – Canada

«…ecstatically and beautiful…»
The Huffington Post – Canada

  «Matthias Maute and his musicians conveyed the divine sounds of Bach with an original interpretation, reaching moments of sublime beauty.»
La Scena Musicale – Canada

Matthias Maute as ensemble leader and player

  « Here a masterpiece of Early music has been created. Ensemble Caprice, as well as Matthias Maute, play themselves into a veritable high of sound. Vivaldi begins to dance, to whirl, and the skirts and wigs fly – this has strength, joy of life, inspiration, depth. This is music! »
Alte Musik Aktuell – Germany
  « Brilliantly played and excellently interpreted. »
Stuttgarter Zeitung – Germany
  « The flutes and recorders of Matthias Maute were an absolute delight. »
New York Times – USA
  « In the Vivaldi concertos Matthias Maute performed, he displayed a rare virtuosity. With a pure, round tone he swept through Vivaldi’s rapid-fire runs, barely taking a breath. The deep expression proved that Maute may be the finest of today’s players… »
Washington Post – USA
  « …Recorder virtuoso Matthias Maute offered contrasting concerti by Telemann and Vivaldi, playing both of them with crackling vitality and whizzing velocity. »
Boston Globe – USA
  « Antonio Vivaldi’s E Minor Concerto … was performed with exuberant panache and jaw-dropping virtuosity by the amazing Matthias Maute, who is clearly poised to be early music’s next breakout superstar. »
The Kansas City Star – USA
  « Such dazzling virtuosity on the recorder leaves you in staggering daze! We wonder by which diabolical trick the flautists manage to articulate at such speed, with so much breath and energy. »
Le Devoir – Canada

Matthias Maute as arranger

  « (Matthias Maute’s) arrangements are imaginative, even powerful, and the playing is topflight. »
New York Times – USA

Matthias Maute as composer

  «…a sweet folly that emerges out of this fascinating encounter between early music and works composed by Matthias Maute. Striking! »
Classica – France



Last updated: June 5, 2012